Diver with whale shark

Stock Footage


Diver with 30 foot whale shark

Marine Life & Diving explore the depths of the ocean from Mexico, Costa Rica, French Polynesia and the coast of Southern California with breathtaking images of whales, manta rays, dolphins, playful seals, and many other fascinating creatures. Many shots illustrate the gentle interaction between diver and creature. 



Diver descending the depths

Hunting & Spear fishing are sports that involve skill and knowledge. Our footage captures the silent experience of the Freediver on his search for giant tuna, lobster, abalone and other fish. 



Grey sharks on patrol

Sharks are often portrayed as mindless eating machines, but in reality they are part of the natural life cycle. Our footage includes gray sharks, hammerheads, whale sharks and white tips and some dramatic scenes of shark feeding frenzies.



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