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Sunsets on arriving yacht

Stock Footage


Dismasted sailor awaits rescue

Storms and Disasters are featured on this reel which includes some of the most fierce storm footage from the Southern Ocean, helicopter rescue of a sailor aboard a dismasted yacht and a grounded sailboat battered by towering waves.



Changing sails at sunset

Life at Sea for a sailor isn't just pleasure, it includes the daily chores of cooking, navigating, repairing equipment and sails, in addition to the act of sailing. Our footage covers all of these daily routines, along with some enjoyable shots of whales, shorebirds and dolphins swimming alongside the boat.



Race start from Auckland

Aerial & Boat to Boat includes various sailboats in different settings, in the open ocean and close to the shores of South Africa, New Zealand and the coast of South America.



Crewman works on mast

Preparing to Race involves many tasks such as rigging, repairing and cleaning the hull. Our shore preparation footage is shot in Charleston, S.C., Cape Town, Auckland, and Punta del Este, Uruguay.



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