Climbers silhouetted at sunset

Stock Footage


Time-lapse of Everest

Mountain Moods  explores the Himalayas, Alaska's Fairweather range, and the Cascade mountains. From a pale moon illuminating the formidable Mt. Everest, to a sunrise over K2, from stormy conditions to brilliantly clear, these shots capture the many moods of the mountains.



Climber maneuvers over crevasse

Mountain Climbing includes all aspects of high altitude climbing. Whether it's crossing a deep crevasse or scaling a technical rock wall, we have dynamic footage of professional climbers shot from hard to reach places.



Dawn at high camp

Camp Activities involve shoveling snow, setting up a tent, cooking, eating, drinking, or preparing equipment. The scenes that demonstrate life in and around the camp.



Journey to the Mountain encompasses all the elements of getting there. From the Great Wall of China to the beautiful skyline of Katmandu, from trains, to buses, to trucks forging rivers, to loaded yaks trudging up the rugged terrain, getting to the mountain is a challenge in it's self.



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