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climbers on ridge
Underwater / Diving
Diver with whale shark
Competitor crosses finish line at sunset
Potola's Palace - Lhasa


Pal Productions, Inc., established in 1969, produces adventure documentaries and television specials on location the world over. Our productions result in hundreds of hours of high quality footage which we make available to our clients in search of stock footage.

We shoot on either 16 mm film or in professional video formats. Our footage is shot by Award Winning cinematographers, specialists in their field, in some of the most remote and difficult to access locations, from the top of Mount Everest to beneath the tropical waters of Polynesia. 

Subject matter covers unique endurance sports such as mountain climbing, free-diving, solo sailing and underwater hockey. We also have scenic footage from South Africa, New Zealand, South America, China, Tibet, and Nepal.

We can license the footage for a variety of uses including commercials, corporate films, documentaries, and most other media. Check our website for the footage you need or contact us for a preview tape and rate quotes.



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