Running Time: 28 minutes

Running Time: 11 minutes

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Fairweather & Ascent

With FAIRWEATHER & ASCENT we bring you two exciting films on one tape.


    Reaching remote Glacier Bay by boat, four climbers battle bad weather in Alaska's Fairweather Range as they scale an unclimbed, nameless peak. After a victory celebration at the summit, the climbers begin their descent and in a tragic accident, two of them fall to their deaths. With no means of communication with the outside world, only sheer determination enables the remaining climbers to reach safety.

Al Givler works his way up

Finally reaching the summit


    Two climbers thread their way between crevasses and inch their way up sheer walls of ice to reach the dome of an ancient volcano high in the Cascade Mountain Range. Share their exhilaration in the thin air at the summit.

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Rappelling into a deep crevasse

Strapping crampon to boot

Celebration at the summit



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