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  Into The Wind

    INTO THE WIND  is not just a book for sailing enthusiasts. It is a story of a fascinating band of adventurers, who sail south into the frigid waters of Antarctica and ride the monstrous waves at breathtaking speeds. On their 27,000-mile journey, we learn who these people are and what motivates them to take on such a fearsome challenge.

Around Alone 1998-99 race start - Charleston, South Carolina

    While blasting through churning seas, a former Russian commando performs surgery to save his arm. When he's done, he sends an email: "For about a half hour, I did not know what to do. I was sitting on the bloody cabin floor almost completely naked, all covered with blood, with my right arm lashed up, watching as my life leave drop by drop."

    As he approaches Cape Horn, Neal Petersen's tiny boat is pummeled by hurricane-force winds. When the winds subside, he sends a message to his girlfriend, "Dear Gwen, I am alive ... Never before have I had to fight for my life like last night. There were times I was up to my chest in water as the waves washed over the boat ...."

    After he hears that another skipper's boat has capsized, Giovanni Soldini speeds toward the foundering yacht. He tells race officials: "I have 30 knots of wind, and I'm not letting up until I have found Isa."

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