Narrated by Peter Fonda

Running Time: 60 Minutes

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Telly Award

    Champion spear fisherman, Terry Maas, tells how he becomes not only hunter but prey, when he silently stalks the creatures of the deep. This stunning documentary is about BLUE WATER HUNTERS, divers who travel to the magical islands of the South Pacific, the coast of the Baja Peninsula and Costa Rica. They dive to depths up to one hundred feet below the surface of the ocean with only the air in their lungs, to explore an indigo world of beauty and mystery and to hunt giant tuna.

Diver with 30 foot whale shark

A Polynesian diver gathers shells

    Maas uses his video camera to record his experience in waters frequented by friendly manta rays, playful seals, and hungry reef sharks. A new adventure awaits the divers each time they descend below the surface.

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Playful seals off the California coast

Terry Maas with camera mounted to spear gun



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