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Emmy Award

Neil Shipman Award

    Susan Butcher and her dog team are struck by tragedy in her bid to win the 1985 Iditarod, the most demanding sled dog race of all. The Iditarod Trail covers 1,049 miles through mountain ranges and over frigid sea ice, from Anchorage to Nome. Termed the last great race, the best dog mushers in the world come to compete. Each year, Butcher and sixty other mushers brave the dangers of the Iditarod Trail in temperatures that often drop to -40 degrees in this race which takes from 11 to 14 days to finish. With raw courage and determination, she battles it out with the toughest mushers in the North to set a new Iditarod record.

Susan at starting line

Racing towards Anuktuvik Pass

    Susan has carved out a life for herself in the Alaskan bush where she raises sled dog puppies and trains her winning dog teams. Her rugged way of life requires all the discipline of a true athlete. Susan's goal is to be the best - and she's a winner.

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Susan with her playful pups

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