The Dangers Of Solo Sailing

Narrated by Bob Flick

Running Time: 50 minutes

$24.95 / DVD or VHS

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Alone Against The Sea - The Dangers Of Solo Sailing Official Selection Seattle International Film  Festival

    ALONE AGAINST THE SEA captures the human drama of five solo sailors as they battle hurricane force winds, equipment failures, lack of sleep and medical emergencies while struggling to circumnavigate the globe. 

ISABELLE AUTISSIER survives a deadly 360 degree roll which destroys her once sleek racing yacht. Finally, after five long days, she is rescued by the Australian Navy. Russian sailor VIKTOR YAZIKOV performs surgery on his elbow while his boat sails for 22 hours without a helmsman.

Isabelle Autissier radios for help

Autissier awaits rescue

    JEAN LUC VAN DEN HEEDE succumbs to overwhelming exhaustion, falls asleep and suddenly finds himself aground on the beach. GIOVANNI SOLDINI, in a surprising twist, must rescue his friend and fellow competitor, Isabelle Autissier, after she capsizes deep in the southern ocean. Seventy-year-old British skipper, HARRY MITCHELL, caught in a violent storm as he approaches Cape Horn, is lost at sea. This film is a fascinating exploration of the obsession that drives sailors to undertake such daunting  journeys.

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Viktor Yazikov arrives to Cape Town, South Africa

Harry Mitchell prior to departure



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